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See You Soon - Part I

She woke up one day and her life wasn't the same anymore. Loneliness starts to consume her without even warning. Her family lost all the hope for her, they tried everything but when someone doesn't accept any type of help there's nothing we can do.  


She locks herself at home, doesn't want to see anyone or anything, push away all of the people that love her. Her selfish way to solve the problems, thinking that  maybe in that way the pain that she feels inside will stop someday. It's like the world is against her, and it's like the fault of the tragedy that had happen is of everyone. She hates God, she hates you, she hates them, she hates him, and she hates herself.  

The shock phase has passed, and now she's in denial, and doesn't accept the reality because this is not the reality that she wants, that she dreamed of. This isn't what she deserves, and why? "Why have this happened? Why God? How can you be so fucking cruel?", she asks everyday, hoping somehow to get an answer that comforts her, or make her feel less impotent, less guilty.  


She felt like no one could understand her and it's because of it that she ends up all alone. 


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