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A Whole New Me

I knew since the first day that you were trouble. I knew it, and I stayed anyway. Here's why: I stayed because I cared about you. It was not because I felt sorry for you, but because I liked you in a way that I just wanted to help. I wanted to help you feel like you could run the world and be the biggest. I wanted that so much that in such time I forgot about me, about what I am capable and what I could conquer. You forgot about me too, you forgot that I deserved so much more that you made me prisoner of your troubles. I knew that was not supposed to be easy, but I never tought that trying to help someone could made me prisoner of my insecurities, and sometimes, I have to tell you, they ate me alive. I don't blame you, maybe at that time I wasn't strong enough and I was too good to people that simply didn't deserved. 
But today I really feel like I'm bulletproof, like I can make the difference in the world. So, at the end, It was not me that stayed on the bad side of the story. It was not me who stood still in time.



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